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The processes explained in 30 seconds

Home Buying Process

  1. Request your no-obligation, free offer
  2. Receive a purchase offer within 24 hours
  3. See our top cash purchase offer
  4. Transparent pricing means no surprises
  5. Accept your offer
  6. Pick the day you want to close & move
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  8. Congratulation, YOU ARE SOLD!
  1. Request a Purchase Offer

We would love to buy your house for cash.  Please fill out a short online form and provide some basic information.  Upload pictures, if you can.

  1. Receive Purchase Offer

Our team will review the offer and a contractor will come to visit you and discuss the offer.

  1. Accept the Purchase Offer

If you like the offer price, you can accept it.  Our lawyers will work with your lawyers to draft the purchase agreement.

  1. Select the Closing Date

The best part about house for cash with MW Homes is that you get to select the closing date.  It is on your terms, so you have complete control over the process.


  1. Sign the Purchase Contract

If you like the contract, just sign it and we will take care of the rest!


Home Inspection  

The Process in 30 seconds:

  1. Schedule an inspection
  2. Home inspection occurs
  3. Relax and plan your move
  4. Your cost: $0 (We pay the home inspector)

The Process for those wanting to know more:

We are excited to have bought your home, but we need to check out a few things to help us plan.  Home Inspection gives us an idea of what work we have to plan for before your house is ready for the market.

  1. Scheduling the Inspection

We make this easy. Your MW Homes Consultant will contact you shortly after you sign the purchase contract to finalize an inspection date and time.

  1. Inspection Day

The home inspector will arrive at the agreed upon day and time to look at your home. We will need full access to every part of your home, including the attic, roof, basement, and outdoor areas.

The inspector will perform an extensive examination of the home, looking for any items that may need to be repaired. Some of the items may include electrical, foundation, roof, cabinets, plumbing issues and water damage.  Depending on the size of the home, the inspector will be there an average of 2 hours. We may ask you a few questions and take some pictures as well.

Close and Move

  1. Final walk through
  2. Close and receive rest of the payment
  3. Let the adventure begin!

The Process for those wanting to know more:

Final Walk Through

Your MW Homes Consultant will contact you before closing to make sure you are ready to close and move. This is the exciting part, and we’ll be here to walk you through the entire process.


A few days before your agreed upon closing date, we will contact you to finalize the day and time you will sign the final closing documents. You will receive your final purchase cash at this time.  Remember, we are Hamilton’s House for Cash company.

The Move

Congrats, the deal is done! Time to move on to your next great adventure.  






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